Experienced Help For Tough Family Law Issues

It's hard going through a divorce, a child custody dispute or just about any other issue in family law. Few things are more personal to us than our relationships with our families, so these legal disputes can make us feel overwhelmed and emotional.

Fortunately, you don't have to face these issues alone. With the help of a skilled and experienced attorney, you can fight for your rights and interests.

With my firm, the Law Office of Patricia M. Cooper, in Warren, Michigan, I help men and women resolve tricky issues in family law, including:

  • Divorce
  • Property division
  • Spousal support/alimony
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Visitation/parenting time
  • Parental alienation
  • Mediation
  • Trial

I have been practicing the law for more than 30 years, but I know that every case is different, and every client needs personal attention and personalized solutions.

When you are my client, I learn about you and your legal needs before talking to you in depth about your legal options. I help you identify your most important goals, and I give you honest advice about how to proceed.

Once we have a plan in place, I work hard to defend your rights, protect your finances and, most importantly, fight for the best interests of your children.

Finances And Family Law

While the issues in family law are often emotional, a lot of this area of the law is concerned with purely financial issues.

The most difficult and time-consuming part of many divorces comes when the spouses must decide on how to divide their property. Michigan is an equitable distribution state. This means that the property division must meet certain guidelines of fairness.

To meet these requirements often means extensive negotiations between the parties. But first, the parties have to list all their assets and determine their value. This can quickly become complicated, especially when the assets include retirement funds, family businesses and other property that can't easily be split into two shares.

I help my clients reach property division settlements that will put them in a better financial position as they start off the next chapters of their lives.

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